Buying from a Builder

Purchasing a home from a Builder? Builder Agreements can be long and confusing and it is critical that you have your Pre-Construction Agreement of Purchase and Sale reviewed before the end of your conditional period. Contact us today for a quote.


Did you just sign an Agreement with a Builder to buy your next property? The fine print in Pre-Construction Builder Agreements can be confusing and difficult to understand. We can help you navigate the terms of the Builder Agreement.

Bring your Pre-Construction Agreement of Purchase and Sale to us for review before your 10-day cooling off period (Pre-Construction Condominiums) or your conditional period (Pre-Construction Freehold)* ends, so you can understand your agreement and ask for caps on adjustments and other amendments before your Agreement automatically firms up.

We are ready to assist you with all aspects of buying your Pre-Construction Property, including but not limited to:

  • Reviewing and negotiating Pre-Construction Agreements of Purchase and Sale and Amendments
  • Due Diligence Searches
  • Financing / Mortgages
  • Occupancy Closings
  • Final Closings
  • HST Rebates

*Note: Some Pre-construction Freehold agreements may be firm upon signing. If so, it is critical to have the same reviewed by a real estate lawyer before you sign to negotiate more favourable terms for your agreement.